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How to integrate TikTok in Notion

Nowadays, whenver we heard soemthing related to videos, it's most likely that we first think of TikTok. So, you may have clicked on this post because you’re a user and a TikTok fan as well.

If you have a lot of awesome TikTok videos that you want to share with your Notion audience, then this integration is made 100% for you.

Within this tutorial, we’re going to show you all there is to know about integrating TIkTok in Notion posts and Notion websites.

How to integrate TikTok videos in Notion

To integrate a TikTok video in Notion, you need to copy the video’s link, paste it in Notion, and select the “Create embed” option.

Though, if you want to see the whole tutorial on how to embed TikTok videos in Notion, make sure to read the rest of this post - we’ll now go deeper into that.

1. Get the link of a TikTok

First things first, go to TikTok and copy the URL (link) of a video that you like. It can either be yours or anybody else’s TikTok.

how to embed tiktoks in notion

2. Paste the TikTok in Notion

Now you have to go to your favourite page and paste your link.

Upon dropping the TikTok link in Notion, you will notice 3 options:

  1. Dismiss
  2. Create bookmark
  3. Create embed
how to add tiktok in notion

For this tutorial, we need to select the third one - Create embed. After that, we need to wait no more than 10 seconds for the TikTok to load 100% in Notion.

Speaking of which, once the TikTok finished loading, its interactive preview will be displayed in your Notion Embed block, like so:

how to integrate tiktok in notion

There goes your TikTok! It’s a nice and clean embed inside your favourite no-code app. So cool, right?

Can you embed TikToks in Notion?

Yes, you can. Just copy the TikTok’s URL, paste it in Notion and select “Create embed” in order to integrate a TikTok in Notion.

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Thank you for reading this tutorial!

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