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How to integrate Tradingview in Notion

Stocks, crypto, graphs... Ahh, numbers! If you're into such graphs and you also happen to be a Notioneer, then you might want to integrate Trandingview in Notion.

First off, let us say that there's not really any direct way to integrate Tradingview to Notion, but though, there is a free & quick way to integrate Tradingivew to your free Notion-built website. Let's check it out!

How to integrate Tradingview in Notion

To integrate Tradingview in Notion, you have to do the following:

  1. Copy a Tradingview graph'sHTML code
  2. Add the code into the Notion website builder

This whole process should take no longer than 2 minutes if you're using the stock, uncchanged charts that Trandingviews automaticaly generates.

1. Copy a Tradingview widget's code

First of all, go to Trandigview's widget page and select the widget that you like the most. You'll then have to either customise it or leave it the regular way.

how to integrate tradingview charts in notion

Once you've clicked on your favourite widget, you'll have to scroll ot hte bottom of the page in order to see the "Embed code" section.

Be sure to copy all of that code!

2. Add the custom code to the website

Up next, you'll have to go to the dashboard of your Notion-built website and go to the "Custom code" section in the left side of the screen.

To get there, you'll first have to expand the "Site customization" menu.

connect tradingview to notion websites

Within the "Add custom code" section, you'll have to paste the code that was previously copied at the first step of the guide.

After that, you should click the "Save changes" button. Otherwise, the Tradinview widget won't integrate to your Notion website.

Aaand, that was it! You've succesfully added the Trandivew integration to your Notion website!

Can you add Tradingview in Notion?

You can't add Tradingview directly to a Notion page, but you can add it to a free Notion-built website. The process takes no more than 2 minutes!

We really hope that you found this post useful. For more like this, be sure to browse our Notion integrations library. Thank you for reading this tutorial!

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