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Translate Notion Websites (WeGlot Integration)

First of all, you may be here because you’ve just built your website with - hi!

If you want your Notion website to be automatically translated in any other language, then is your friend.

Is there a way to translate Notion websites?

Yes, you can translate your Notion pages by integrating WeGlot within the custom code function of the website builder.

Can you translate Notion websites in any language?

Yes. WeGlot has a variety of languages in which you can translate your website.

Pick your favourite!

How to translate Notion pages

The process is really easy. First of all, you have to set up your WeGlot account, and the. you just have to add the custom code to your Notion website.

Now this was just the short way to answer your question. Follow the guide to fully see how to translate your Notion website.

1. Connect your domain

Once you’ve set up your WeGlot account, you have to connect your domain. Whether you have a ‘’ or a ‘’ domain, both of them work the same.

Check out WeGlot’s DNS page to see how you can do that according to your domain provider.

how to translate notion pages

For this example, we’ve used the website with Google Domains as the domain provider.

2. Copy your WeGlot code

Once you’ve set up your DNS, you’ll have to copy your WeGlot code.

integrate weglot in notion

3. Notion website custom code

Head to your dashboard and select the Notion website which you want to translate.

notion custom code websites

Once you’ve selected it, go to the “Custom code” section in the menu visible on the left side of the screen.

4. Translate your Notion website

Now you have to paste the code that you’ve previously copied in the “Custom code” area.

how to integrate weglot in notion

Remember to hit “Save changes”. Otherwise, your mods won’t save and the website wouldn’t be translated.

Speaking of which, if you’ve saved your changes, then your website should now look like this:

can you translate notion pages?

How cool is that? You and your users can now change the website’s language instantly.

Can you change the language of a Notion website?

Yes, and WeGlot is your helping agent. Simply connect your website’s DNS with WeGlot, and then add the code into’s custom code section. That’s it!

We really hope that you found this guide helpful. If you want to see other tutorials, make sure to look at our library of Notion guides.

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