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Integrate WotNot in Notion

If you want a way to add a live chat bubble on your website built with in, then you might want to consider using WotNotio.

The benefits of integrating a live support bubble to your Notion website are endless.

One of the biggest advantages is the fact that you can collect emails and talk to your users in a direct way. For that, WotNot has got us covered.

How to integrate WotNot in Notion

Integrating WotNot isn’t such a challenge. All you have to do is copy your chatbot’s code and paste it in’s “Custom code” section.

Let’s get to it!

1. Copy the widget’s code

First of all, go to your WotNot dashboard and select "Channel Configuration" from the menu on the left side of the screen. There you can customise your widget according to your taste.

integrate wotnot chatbot in notion

To copy your widget's code, select the "Configuration" setting, just like in the image above.

2. Custom code in

Next up, you’ll have to go to your dashboard and select the website on which you want the WotNot live chat bubble. custom code notion website

The selected section o nthe left side of the screen in the image above shows you where to find the “Custom code” section.

3. Connect WotNot

Paste your WotNot chatbot’s code the “Custom code” box. Once you’ve added the code, remember to click the blue button in order to save your changes.

connect wotnot chatbot to notion

You’ll be notified that the changes were saved once you see the green rectangle like in the image above.

Lastly, go to your Notion website and the preview of your WotNot chatbot should look similar to the one in the image below.

integrate wotnot to notion websites

That was it! Not so hard integrating WotNot in Notion, right?

Can you add a chatbot in a Notion website?

Yes, you can. Simply go to your chatbot’s website, copy its code and paste it in the custom code section.

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