Build A Designer Personal Website In Notion

Are you a designer? Build your own personal website where you can share your work and much more. The process takes no longer than 1 minute and 3 steps!
Build A Designer Personal Website In Notion

Build A Designer Personal Website In Notion

Build a designer personal website in Notion

As a designer, you've probably go ta lot of pictures that you want to be seen by the world. That's why, with a designer personal website, you can display all of your work so that potential customers can see them and contact you.

We know how much you care about images and videos, and as you may use quite a lot of those, we're making sure that your website loads them instantly. We don't want your users to wait for the attachments to load, as we're doing our best to offer everybody the best experience.

Oh, and did we mention? Building your designer website doesn't require any coding knowledge! We're also taking care of all the coding.

Hey, if you've got a design agency, then we've also got you covered with templates and guides on how to build such a website.

Build A Designer Website In Notion

Save time

If you've used Notion before, then you might know how simple it is building new pages. With Notion and, you're saving lots of time that you'd usually spend on looking for plugins and other features that are already offered by Notion and

Fast editing

Personal websites for designers are made incredibly quickly, which means you can expect your website to be up and running within minutes. Once you're happy with what you see on your Notion page, that's exactly how it will appear on the live version of your site.

Websites for any purposes

Want to share your own work? Maybe you're just building a portfolio of designs that you found beautiful from all over the internet? Regardless of the reason, can build personal designer websites for all sorts of purposes.

Templates for you

Want to start your website from something instead of nothing? offers lots of templates so that your process of building the designer website would take even less time.

How to build a designer personal website with Notion

Transform your Notion page into a designer website with these 3 steps.

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1. Copy your Notion page's link

Create your own Notion page or start with one of our Notion website templates. The website will look just like your Notion page. Then, copy the page's link after hitting "Share" in the top-right corner of the page.

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2. Drop the link here

Go at the top or the bottom of the page. Once you've pasted the link, wait no more than a minute for your designer website to be generated.

3. Publish the website

That was it! You've just achieved your awesome designer website that's now 100% live to the world.

Why build a designer website in Notion?

Let's have a look at a few reasons why we think that you should build your designer website with and Notion.

Professional looks

Impress your viewers by using a tool like Notion, where what you see is already geared towards organization and cleanliness. In fact, 80% of the work is already done for you!

Guaranteed SEO

People who in the past have built a website enjoy how makes it easy and quick to construct a designer website without having to deal with technical bits. Besides, we've made everything for you: SEO, getting a domain name, technical decisions, fast-loading pages, etc.

Really fast setup

Building your designer website is as fast as 60 seconds. But it doesn't stop there. At any time, you can just open up Notion, apply the changes, and then sit back - in just a little bit, your changes are live on the website.

Live Support

Having difficulty building your designer personal website? We're just a click away! You can do Live Chat with us by clicking on the blue bubble in the bottom right corner of the page button. It's our goal to help you succeed so don't hesitate - contact us today!

Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to know how to code?
Not at all! takes care of everything so that you can build, upgrade and maintain your website without having to know how to code. It's faster, more effective and leaner than going for the manual route of setting up a website.

If you know how to code, you can make use of that, but it's not required.
Do I need a paid Notion plan to use
Not at all! You can use the free plan of Notion and still use to its full potential.
What counts as a website?
One website will mean one domain and all its subpages. Whether that's a subdomain with us (e.g., or a custom domain of yours (e.g., that's one plan.

Got multiple custom domains? You'll need a paid plan for each one.
How do you compare to ______?
We have a generous free plan, so I (= Daniel, the founder) encourage you to make the comparison yourself! It costs you nothing - and no hard feelings if you don't want to go with us.

We would really love to know what made you go with us or somebody else! If you could take a moment to write us about that, it'd help us create a stronger product.
What if I have more questions?
Then we're standing by to help. Contact us, and we'll do our best to help 🤗

What's different about

Free is completely free to start. Just paste a link and start building your website!
Fast to use, fast to load. The experience will be snappy for you and your viewers.
We're taking care of setting your website up for SEO. See you on the first page(s)!
Optimized for 0 headache was made to... well, simplify. We're working hard to simplify even more things for you.
The power of no-code is unleashed with No coding skills required!
Powerful works hard to help you build the website you want, when and where you want it