10 Notion Templates To Instantly Increase Your Productivity

10 Notion Templates To Instantly Increase Your Productivity

Notion project management software is the perfect organizational tool for improving productivity. With the correct template, project productivity can be boosted exponentially, so today we are sharing ten of the top Notion templates that will do just that!

Why Use Notion Templates?

Why use a Notion template rather than building your own site from scratch?

  • Notion has templates available in every niche possible.
  • Using a Notion template rather than creating a design from scratch means that users can deploy sites much faster.
  • Notion templates allow non-coders and non-technical individuals to implement advanced features they might not otherwise be able to implement.

10 Notion Templates To Instantly Increase Your Productivity 

The following ten no-code Notion templates are a great way to get your Notion site up in minutes so that you can instantly increase your productivity!

1. Product Management Notion Template

This product-management Notion template functions as a product wiki page where you can share all product-related information in an organized space.

This template is divided into four sections and has a clean layout with an area for product guides and processes, user research, ongoing projects, and analytics.

notion productivity template

The clean theme of this template eliminates any confusion for users by making it easy to find what they are searching for without being overwhelmed by unnecessary graphics or redundant page links.


2. Business Planner Bundle

This business planner bundle of templates is the perfect Notion template solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

With nineteen templates included, this bundle comes with the following templates:

  • An outline for pages for a business overview
  • Core concept
  • Competitor research
  • Value proposition
  • Product research
  • A marketing plan
  • A template on where and how to sell
  • A template on what a project requires
  • Product and service pricing template
  • Products and services offered
  • Startup costs
  • Revenue estimates
  • Startup checklist
  • Business name availability check
  • Daily business planner
  • Weekly planner
  • Monthly business planner
  • Yearly business planner
notion business planner template

This Notion business-planner template bundle saves a lot of time for any new business building a website since it provides a template for everything a small business could need. 


3. Game Website Template

Creating and launching an app can be time-consuming, but this template makes creating a Notion website for an app gaming company fast and easy.  

notion gaming website template

With a clean minimal interface, this template is easy to navigate.

This simple template includes a list section for the latest game releases, a feature area to showcase the newest game release, and a footer that displays contact information.


4. Docs Template For Notion Websites

This document or Wiki template for Notion websites is a clean and simple but functional design.

Users can quickly view displayed documents in a database while organizing them based on database properties with this template.

Site owners can also choose which database properties to incorporate for more personalized data.

notion template to increase productivity

Not just practical for the site owner, this is an interactive template that lets users choose how documents are displayed – by file type, file status, or file date. 


5. Podcast Website Template in Notion

This easy-to-navigate podcast template is just what a Notion podcast website should be - the layout is clean and easy to navigate.

The fully graphically-based interface is easy to navigate with a crisp thumbnail image linked to each podcast episode.

To make the page easy to navigate, site visitors can sort or filter data by name, tags, and creation date. 

notion podcast template


6. Job Applications and Tracker Template in Notion

This Notion template works alongside Google Drive to allow users to track job applications and keep a record of contracts.

The top of the page features buttons for a contact list, current activities, a job application board, and a resume compiler.

Below this menu, applications are trackable in board view, timeline, or list format and divided into a wishlist, applied, and interview columns.

notion job application tracker template


7. Resume Template For Notion

This Notion resume template is a template with a personalized touch.

The top of the page is simple, featuring the personal contact information above a personal photo and a brief introduction.

Underneath the introduction section is a area for hobbies, work experience, and education, followed by references from teachers, friends, and employees.

The last portion of the template is for projects and project links, skills, and tools,

notion resume cv template

This resume layout is much more personal than the traditional C.V, but ideal for making the right first impression in a more intimate setting.   


8. Notion Help Center Template

This template is ideal for displaying help center documentation for products and services.

This company documentation template includes a master document database and a calendar and is perfect for reference documents.

notion help center template

Highlights of this help center Notion template include a feature section that links to the master documents database, a team introduction section, an operations list, and multiple areas for in-depth project details including project names, goals, missions, and values.


9. Notion Creative Portfolio Component Kit

This Notion creative portfolio kit is the perfect solution to building and growing a personal brand.

This kit comes with more than sixty Notion components created in blocks for easy implementation. 

As a freemium template, this kit comes with a clean homepage template included, and a paid version of the template also includes –

  • Navigation sections.
  • Footer layouts.
  • Signup components.
  • Features and benefits section.
  • Case study layout.
  • Social layouts.
  • Skills layouts.
  • About sections.
  • ReadMe file.
notion portfolio template


10. Tally Notion Roadmap

This Tally roadmap template is the perfect organizational tool to track suggestions and upcoming changes.

With requests tallied, users can view the name of upcoming changes, the category of those changes, the status of those changes, and the estimated time of arrival for those changes. 

notion roadmap template tally.so

A roadmap template like this is not just a great tool to keep everyone abreast of upcoming changes - it is also perfect for keeping everyone on the same page when working as remote teams or on collaborative projects. 



Notion project management software paired with the correct template can improve team productivity exponentially.

Simple.ink offers a catalog of these no-code Notion templates and covers every niche. Make sure to check it out!

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