How to add icons in Notion

How to add icons in Notion

If you've ever been on a Notion page before, you may have noticed how there's often an icon or a tiny square image at the top of the page - that's what we call a Notion icon.

Adding an icon to your Notion page is really easy, and it takes nothing more than just a few clicks.

In this tutorial, we're going to show you everything about Notion icons and how to add an icon to your page.

How to add an icon in Notion

To add icons in Notion pages, you need to hover above the title of your page and hit "Add Icon". Then, select your favourite icon!

Option 1: Adding Notion's icons

The first way to add an icon to a Notion page is actually a newer feature that Notion added recently, instead of the older emojis that acted as icons - we'll cover them a bit later in the guide.

1. Click "Add icon"

As soon as you've opened a Notion page, simply hover your cursor above the page's title and notice the 'Add icon' button.

how to add icons in notion

All you have to do is click the text, and then you're going to see the pop-up which leads us to the second step.

2. Go to "Icons" and pick one

Around August 2022, Notion added this update which lets you select a few minimalistic icons that are made by them.

how to add icons to notion pages

So, upon going to the "Icons" tab, you'll see this big library of standard icons that are free to use.

Pick your favourite icon and then notice it on your page, like so:

how to add an icon to a notion page

The best part about these Notion-made icons is that they are quite customisable, as you can even change the colour of the icon.

That's it with this option! Let's see how else you can add icons in Notion.

Option 2: Adding emojis as icons

1. Click "Add icon"

First of all, you want to go to the Notion page where you want to add an icon. Then, hover above the title's page and click "Add icon".

how to add icons in notion

If you can't see the title of your page, it means that yours doesn't have one yet. Instead, you'll see a grey "Untitled" text.

2. Select your icon

After clicking "Add icon", you will see how Notion adds a randomly-generated icon. If that icon suits your needs, that's perfect!

how to add an icon in notion

In case you don't like the icon that Notion added for you, feel free to search for the icon that you want in the list of Emojis, or upload your favourite icon from your device or from over the interent, with a link.

That's it! You've just added an icon in Notion. If you want to see how to type an emoji in Notion, we've also got you covered with this guide right here.

What icons can I add in Notion?

Here are the types of icons that you can add in Notion:

  1. Emojis
  2. Any images (max. size 280x280 pixels / 5MB)
  3. Links from over the internet
  4. Randomly-generated emojis from Notion

Keep in mind that if you upload a picture with a link from over the interent and that image gets deleted from the website you're taking it, the image will dissappear from Notion as well.

Where can I get custom icons for Notion?

If you want to add multiple icons of the same type but you're not sure where to find such icons, we've got you covered with our library of Simple Notion Icons.

Simple Notion Icons is one of free products that's made with love for all Notioneers. To learn how to use Simple Notion Icons, make sure to read our guide that's dedicated to this tool.

Thank you for reading this tutorial! For more liek this, make sure to browse the library of Notion guides.

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