How to merge tables in Notion

How to merge tables in Notion

To merge tables in Notion, you first have to export the content of a table as Markdown & CSV. Then, you'll have to import the CSV file with the content of the second table into the main table.

Having the situation where you have more than two tables that you want to merge, in Notion?

When you have tables with way too much information to manually copy and paste into one single, "mega" table, you may as well just want a quicker solution.

At, we made sure to help you figure out that quicker solution, and as the title of the guide says, the solution is merging tables in Notion.

Why merge two tables in Notion?

By merging two or more tables in Notion, you're going to easily arrange all of the information.

This way, you're making a huge table where everything is in one place.

Hey, by the way, if you're here, that means that you're into working with tables. If so, then you may like our guide on how to wrap cells in Notion's tables.

How to merge tables in Notion

It's really easy merging tables in Notion. Let's see the steps that we have to follow in order to combine two Notion tables!

1. Export as Markdown & CSV

The very first step implies looking for the tables that you want to merge. Once you've found the table that you want to merge, click on the "Open as full page" button.

how to merge tables in notion

The table that you've just opened as a full page should now expand and cover all of your screen.

Now you want to click the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the page and select the "Export" button.

how to merge tables in notion

Upon clicking that button, you will see a new pop-up on the screen. You'll have to select the "Markdown & CSV" option.

Regarding the rest of the settings, we suggest leaving them as they are.

how to combine tables in notion

Lastly, make sure to click the blue "Export" button. Notion will start downloading a ZIP file containing the CSV file with your table.

Make sure to unzip the file so you could reach that CSV file!

2. Import the table into the main one

Now you have to go to the primary table - the one in which we're going to merge the CSV file with the second table.

Go to the primary table, and hit the 'Open as full page' button, just like you did with the previous table.

how to open full page table notion

Expand the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the page so you could reach the setting which lets you import the second table into the primary one.

Now, you'll have to go to the "Merge with CSV" button, right below "Export".

how to import csv in notion

Upon clicking the "Merge with CSV" button, Notion will open your library of documents, and you'll have to find and select the CSV file that was previously downloaded.

We'd like to mention it again - you first have to unzip the .ZIP file with the table so that you'd reach the .CSV file, which is the one that you need to upload in Notion.

how to import csv in notion

Then, you'll have to wait a few seconds, and you should be able to see the contents of the two tables being merged into one.

In this image below, you can see how the content from the second table is added right below the content of the first table.

notion merge table contents

That was the whole process of merging two Notion tables. Pretty easy, wasn't it?

Can you combine tables in Notion?

Yes, you can combine tables in Notion. The best part is that the process is as easy as it takes no more than 3 easy steps.

We hope that this guide was useful and that you've learned how to combine Notion tables the right way. Have a look at the other Notion tutorials that we've made and check see what apps you can integrate in Notion. Cheers!

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