How to merge tables in Notion

How to merge tables in Notion

The quickest way to merging two tables in Notion is exporting a table as Markdown & CSV and then importing it into the other table.

Having the situation where you have more than two tables that you want to merge, in Notion?

When you have tables with way too much information to manually copy and paste into one single, "mega" table, you may as well just want a quicker solution.

At, we made sure to help you figure out that quicker solution, and as the title of the guide says, the solution is merging tables in Notion.

Why merge two tables in Notion?

By merging two or more tables in Notion, you're going to easily arrange all of the information.

This way, you're making a huge table where everything is in one place.

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How to merge tables in Notion

To merge tables in Notion, you're going to follow 3 easy steps. Let's get to it!

1. Find two tables in Notion

The very first step implies looking for the tables that you want to merge.

how to merge two tables in notion

In this image you can see that we took two simple tables as an example for this guide.

2. Export as Markdown & CSV

The next step is related to downloading the content within the table that we want to merge to the main, "mega" table.

To download its content , we have to make sure that we're exporting it as "Markdown & CSV".

How to export tables as Markdown & CSV in Notion

First of all, click on the three dots in the top-right corner of the table.

Then, be sure to select the "Export" button.

how to combine tables in notion

One you've clicked the "Export" button, you should see a pop-up with the options on how to export the file.

What you want to select is "Markdown & CSV".

can you combine tables in notion?

Now, upon clicking the blue "Export" button, Notion is going to add this table in your downloads, as an archive.

Next up, you have to open the archive and to make sure that you move the file in a place where it is accessible so that we'd be able to use it at the next step.

3. Import the file in the main table

The just-downloaded file at the previous step has to be imported in the main table.

To do that, we have to go to the main table and hit the three dots in the top-right corner.

Once we did that, a pop-up with a few options will show on the screen. Be sure to click on "Merge with CSV".

merge tables in notion

Once you did that, the two tables will now merge, so their content will be in one place.

In the image below, you can see what the final result looks like.

how to combine 2 tables in notion

Keep in mind that once you've combined two tables, if you don't delete the merged table, it will still sit on the page until you remove it.

That was the whole process. Pretty easy, wasn't it?

Can you combine 2 tables in Notion?

Yes, you can combine tables in Notion. The best part is that the process is as easy as it takes no more than 3 easy steps.

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