How to use Notion as a freelancer

How to use Notion as a freelancer

With the power of Notion, you can achieve more than just notes and organising yourself.

If you're a freelancer, we're now going to teach you all there is to know about using Notion the right way according to your needs.

How to use Notion for freelancers

Notion is made for everyone's needs, and when it comes to freelancers, your possibilities are endless. Freelancers can build websites to their needs, and moreover, there are lots of templates to start with.

Let's go in-depth on Notion's freelancing side, step by step.

1. The Notion Freelancer Pack

First of all, you may want to look into the Notion Freelancer Pack that we built exactly for you. There are lots of benefits for you within the Freelancer Pack, and within the pack, there are lots of useful templates, including stuff like:

  1. Proposals
  3. Invoices
  4. Follow-ups
  5. Reports
  6. And so on!

The greatest part is that they are all designed for freelancers using notion to organise theirselves in order to sell smarter.

Notion Freelancer Pack of templates and documents

The Notion Freelancer Pack has both a free version and a paid version. Why not give it a try?

2. Making a freelancer website

Up next, you may want to start a Notion website so you could put yourself on the map as a freelancer.

For that, we've got you covered with the Notion Freelancer Website Builder. Don't worry, that is 100% free!

Build A Freelancer Website In Notion

Your freelancer website can be either simple or more complex. Though, we highly recommend writing the basic stuff about you so that people would get the idea of who you are and what you do.

Here's a 5-step checklist of things that you most likely want to have on your Notion freelancer website:

  1. A short description of yourself as a person
  2. Current job/education
  3. Previous education
  4. Past work experience
  5. Greatest skills

Once you've added these five details about yourself, you could say that your website is complete. After defining this list, you can start worrying about your website's looks.

Hey, actually, there's no need to worry about the looks, because that brings us to....

3. Notion freelancer website templates

As you may know, Notion has the "Duplicate" feature which lets you copy a page to your library of Notion pages. This being said, you might've heard of Notion templates by now.

Separate from the Notion Freelancer pack, we've got a library of Notion templates that covers lots of templates for everyone: from freelancers to photographers, artists and so on.

how to use notion as a freelancer

Though, to keep it on topic, there's also the section of templates for freelancers. If you're interested in seeing all of them, check out our Notion freelancer templates.

Keep in mind that they are all 100% free to use, and that a template can give you a head start in making a cool freelancer website in Notion.

4. Create a portfolio in Notion

Freelancers often come with a backpack full of their work. And so, you guys need a place to display all of your work, right?

Well, Notion has you covered with that as well. You can turn your Notion pages (and websites) into portfolio pretty quickly.

Portfolio Website Builder In Notion

Generally, if you want to display something in Notion, you want to use the "Gallery" block, because it helps you display loads of images, GIFs and videos in a nice block. It's a gallery!

Check out our Notion Freelancer Portfolio Template in case you want to have a head start even at the portfolio. Get either the full template or copy just a few bits that you like and at them to your Notion page. They choice is yours!

Can Notion be used for freelancers?

Yes, Notion is an app that's optimised very well for freelancers. Within Notion, freelancers can build awesome websites, portfolios and use templates to organise themselves.

Did you enjoy reading this post? If so, then you might want to look into our other guides at our library of Notion tutorials. Thanks for stopping by!

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