10 Ways To Use Notion For Your Business

10 Ways To Use Notion For Your Business

Notion is a versatile organizational workspace that improves productivity for various businesses. Unfortunately, despite paying for premium accounts, many Notion users do not utilize the platform to its full potential.

10 Ways You Should Be Using Notion For Your Business

Today we are looking at just ten of the features that Notion users can access to boost their company productivity, including:

  1. Team creation;
  2. Task assignment;
  3. Project outlines;
  4. Web Clipping;
  5. Website creation;
  6. Calendar creation;
  7. Monthly goal tracking;
  8. Media file tracking;
  9. Notetaking;
  10. Wiki Creation.

Let's get at it!

1. Creating Teams

Setting up teams through Notion allows businesses to create a more organized workspace while keeping project spaces from becoming cluttered.

For example, a web design company may consist of a graphic design team, a copywriting team, and a front-of-house team.

By recreating these three teams in Notion, each team only has to focus on their role in a particular job, allowing them to complete tasks much sooner.

Using a team system in this way also lets team members share pertinent resources and media files with people who need them without cluttering the entire company’s media storage platform.

2. Assigning Tasks to Team Members

Notion is also beneficial because it allows team leaders or company heads to assign specific tasks to specific team members.

So, for example, if the graphic design company mentioned above has a repeat client who has requested the same copywriter they have used before, that individual can be assigned that task directly.

The team leader can also assign tasks directly to team members so that specific tasks get completed and that no one team member bears the brunt of an entire project alone.

Likewise, task assignment makes it easier to hold individual employees accountable for poorly completed or unfinished tasks.

how to use notion for businesses
Credits for this picture go to Notion

3. Outlining Projects

When a company faces multiple projects for multiple clients, things can begin to get confusing quite quickly.

By using Notion to create project outlines, companies can keep individual projects separate and organized so that they aren’t delayed by confusion.

Outlining projects by setting up unique workspaces also allows team members to track and monitor the progress of each project more efficiently so that if things do fall behind, it is easier to identify the point of failure.

Outlines also allow employees to plan their time better and anticipate the date of project completion.

By keeping more efficient track of time, any delays can be reported to the client ahead of time, and employees can work harder to make up for any discrepancies in the anticipated delivery date.

4. Web Clipping

Notion’s web clipping feature is a unique tool that many workspace platforms do not incorporate but is one more feature that makes Notion an all-encompassing workspace solution.

notion web clipper
Credits for this picture go to Notion

The downloadable browser extension allows users to clip and save any website page and implement it into the Notion platform.

This web clipping tool is helpful for design teams, inspirational brainstorming, and client consultations.

5. Website Creation

The Notion Website Builder: Free (Unlimited), Simple, Easy, Fast website building feature makes building a website simple, particularly with the number of templates available to Notion users.

Whether a business needs a company website, or an internal website, using the Notion template library and drag and drop editor and the Simple.ink platform allows users to pull together a site without any coding.

6. Creating Calendars

Notion’s calendar feature is another beneficial tool built into the workspace that businesses should be using.

The Notion calendar allows employees and team members to visualize tasks, dates, sequences of events, and how they link together.

notion calendar view

Through group calendars, individual team members can also orchestrate different components of collaborative projects to ensure timely delivery to clients.

7. Establish Monthly Goals

Companies and individual teams within companies all work toward specific goals.

Creating a visual list of those goals in Notion keeps them upfront and center so that everyone can remain focused and monitor progress.

Monitoring progress this way does not just make it easier to predict goal achievement though, it also serves as a marker for productivity.

8. Track Company Media Files

Notion’s Pro Plan is perfect for company use because it allows users to upload unlimited files, creating a central repository for corporate media files. (Find out more about Notion Forms Pricing.)

A central media depository does not just replace the need for an external storage service like Dropbox - it also makes files accessible to anyone who may need them - cutting down on wasted time and improving productivity.

9. Note Taking

Notion also makes the perfect note-taking app for company employees.

Perhaps most appealing is that taking notes in Notion means that all employee meeting and client notes are stored in one central location, making them more accessible.

Freelancer Meeting Notes Template In Notion
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Personalized workspaces on the Notion platform also mean that employees no longer use paper pads, contributing to a more environmentally friendly atmosphere.

Using personal workspaces also means less chance of employees losing information due to data corruption.

Utilizing Notion for note-taking also facilitates direct linking between client notes, employee information, and other pertinent material.

This type of networking helps create a more complete client file and greatly improves customer service.

10. Wiki Creation

Wiki creation isn’t just for video games and TV series. Building a company Wiki provides employees and contracted personnel with a central source of corporate information.

From corporate policies to industry language to employee directories, a company Wiki provides a digital information source that is easy to reference.

Unlike a traditional company handbook, a corporate wiki is more readily accessible and easier to navigate.

Plus, any time that company policies need updating, updating an online wiki is much more affordable and timely than waiting for company HR teams to edit and reprint handbooks!

It is also worth noting that an online company wiki is much more eco-friendly than printing a corporate handbook for each employee!


Notion is a great timesaving organizational tool that boosts productivity and company efficiency.

Implementing Notion in your business workspace is made even easier when using the Simple.Ink Notion guides and incorporating apps through Notion app integration for a more comprehensive website building experience.

There are certainly more than ten unique ways to put the Notion workspace tool to work for your business, but the ten we discussed above is a great place to start.

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