Freelancer Meeting Notes Template In Notion

Freelancer Meeting Notes Template In Notion

Meetings are cool, whether they're business or personal meetings. Though, when you're in a meet, there's a lot going on, and you probably want to take some notes. Arrange your notes as you hear them with the help of this Notion Meeting Notes Template For Freelancers.
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How to use the Notion meeting notes template

How to use the Notion meeting notes template

1. Get the template

Click one of the two buttons at the top of the page in order to get access to the template.

2. Duplicate the page

Hit the "Duplicate" button in the top-right corner so as to add the template in your library.

3. Write your notes

As soon as you open the meeting notes template in Notion, you can freely start adding all of your notes.

About the meeting notes template

While this is part of our Notion Freelancer Pack, whether you are a freelancer or not, that won't matter - this template is made for freelancers as much as it's made for anyone else.

There's really no "right use" for the template, because you can use it whenever and however you want.

Though, our suggestion is to use this when you're in a meeting and you need to write down lots of stuff.

Within this Notion meeting notes template, you'll 3 main sections: participants/date, notes and to-dos.

Fill each of these sections while you're in a meeting, because with this template, organising your writing while in a meeting was never easier ✍️.

Notion Meeting Notes Template Guide

Who & when participates

While these may seem like some sort of background details, we'd like to add that it is pretty important filling in the "Participants" and the "Date" sections at top of the Notion template for taking meeting notes. This way, you'll later be able to search within your document and find the exact meeting's notes that you're looking for.

Finally, the awesome notes

The largest section within this Notion template is the "Notes" part... Pretty obvious, huh? Anyway, here is the section where you should type all of the notes that you're taking in meetings. In order not to lose any notes during the meetings, we recommend just writing down everything as you hear it. You should organise everything with headings, numbers and other formatting later on. First things first, you have to focus on hearing everything you want to note.

Got any to-dos?

If you end up getting more to-dos after the meeting, that's a good thing. More work means more productivity. You can add all of the tasks in the "To-Dos" section, which is the lowest one in the template. Finished one of your tasks? Congrats, but don't forget to mark it as done within your "To-Dos" section. Keeping these tidy is going to help you easily notice what's done and what's to be done.

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