How You Can Use Notion Offline (2023)

How You Can Use Notion Offline (2023)

You're probably on this page because:

  • You wish to work in Notion;
  • You're going to some place where you won't have internet;
  • And offline working becomes harder without Notion.

In this tutorial post, we're going to teach you the best way to use Notion, the note-taking app, without being connected to the internet.

You'll leave this page knowing how to take Notion with you wherever you, regardless of whether you have any Wi-Fi/Data/Hotspot or not.

Does Notion work offline?

Notion works offline if you leave the pages in your browser opened before you lose internet connection.

Notion doesn't have an offline mode, and using this quick fix is the best way to access your pages or Notion websites without internet.

How to use Notion offline

To use Notion without internet connection, you just have to open the pages that you want to use while you're still connected to the internet, leave the app opened in your device and re-open it when needed.

When you get internet connection again, your changes will be synced if you don't close the page(s).

1. Open workspace with internet

The first step to using Notion offline is to open the page or the pages that you want to edit.

You have to do this so you can let Notion know which pages to load in your browser.

Leave Notion Pages Open To Edit Offline

If you're using the Notion desktop app, you can only open a page at a time, so that's why we're always suggesting to use the browser app.

Feel free to open as many pages as you can. Then, wait a couple of seconds so they would be 100% loaded in your browser.

Do not close the pages, and most importantly, do not reload them when you lose connection to the internet.

2. Get disconnected

This is the inevitable part of the guide — especially if you want to use Notion in a plane to study or to get any other work done.

Turn Internet Off To Use Notion Offline

This is the easiest step of the guide.

You simply in have to switch off the internet or go in a place where there's no internet connection: Wi-Fi, Mobile Data or Mobile Hotspot.

3. Re-open & Edit

Go back to the browser, you'll notice that the pages are still there and untouched. Feel free to edit them now.

Editing A Notion Page Offline

It's really important to not reload the pages, or you'll lose both access to the pages and the changes you've made.

Now, for when you get connected to the internet again, simply leave the pages opened and they'll sync the changes you've made.

Does my work get saved?

You will be informed that a page you've edited while offline has been updated by the text in the top-right corner of the page.

Where Can I See If Notion Changes Are Saved?

Once again — remember to not reload the page or close it while being offline. If you do that, you'll lose all the progress you've made offline.

If you can't save changes in Notion, you might want to read our tutorial on how to get rid of the error.

Do I need internet for Notion?

Yes, you need to have internet connection to use Notion and apply the changes live.

If you're working offline, you can leave the pages open in your browser, make changes, and they will be updated when you get back online.

Can Notion store locally?

No, because Notion pages are stored in Amazon AWS Cloud. Though, you can export pages and save locally or export to save as a website.

Thank you for reading this guide. See more in our Notion tutorials.

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