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How to integrate Buy Me a Coffee in Notion

Notion is one of the greatest no-code tools when it comes to taking notes, organising your life and so on. Though, if you want to get paid within Notion, you can't really do that without a tool like Buy Me a Coffee.

For instance, if you're planning on building websites in Notion, then you might want to follow this guide, as we're going to teach you how to integrate Buy Me a Coffee in Notion so that you can get tips while working in your favourite no-code tool.

Can you connect Buy Me a Coffee in Notion?

To shortly answer your question, yes. To do that, copy the Buy Me a Coffee link, paste it in Notion, and create an embed.

Bear in mind that this was just a quick and short explanation. If you want to see how to properly do all of that, follow the guide.

How to add Buy Me a Coffee to Notion

This guide really applies to those who've already set up their Buy Me a Coffee profile. If you didn't set up your profile yet, click here to register.

1. Copy your Buy Me a Coffee link

Once you've logged in on Buy Me a Coffee, go to your profile.

To get there, click on the icon with your profile picture in the top-right corner of any page on Buy Me a Coffee's website.

buy me a coffe in notion

To copy your link, you can either go to the search bar to select and copy the URL, or you can just click on the "Share" button (see the image above), and then copy the link that pops up.

Both the link in the search bar and the link shown upon clicking on the "Share" button are the same, so whichever you choose will work just fine.

Psst, hey! Did you make a mistake while integrating Buy Me a Coffee? Then have a look at our guide on how to undo in Notion.

2. Embed it in Notion

Now we are going to head to Notion, as we're done with Buy Me A Coffee's website. What we want to do now is to embed the link that we've just copied.

There are two ways to embed the link in Notion:

Option 1: Pasting the link and selecting "Create an embed";
Option 2:
Making an embed block and then pasting the link.

Yet again, choose whichever option suits you best, as we're going to show you the both of them.

Option 1: Simply pasting the link

This pretty easy. All you have to do is go to your Notion page and paste the link that we've copied at the first step of this guide.

integrate buy me a coffe in notion

As soon as you'll paste the link, you'll see a pop-up with 3 options. The one that you want to select is called "Create an embed", just like in the image above.

Once you're done with that, you should see the preview of your Buy Me a Coffee, like so:

embed by me a coffe notion

That was it with the first option! Told you it'll be easy :)

Option 2: Making an Embed block

If you chose the second option, then hi! Let's get to it.

First things first, head to Notion and type "/embed", and then select the first option. That's it with building the Embed block.

buy me a coffee in notion

Now you have to paste the link of your Buy Me a Coffee profile in the empty rectangle.

Next up, click the blue "Embed" button. Upon waiting a few seconds, your button's preview should load and look like in the image below.

embed by me a coffe notion

That was it with the second method as well! You now have a functional Buy Me a Coffee integration in Notion.

Can you embed Buy Me a Coffee in Notion?

For all of you guys wondering, integrating and embedding is the same in Notion. Not only for Buy Me a Coffee, but for any other tool. Speaking of which, integrating and embedding is really easy because you don't have to code anything.

We're more than happy to see that you read this guide. Moreover, we really hope that you found this guide helpful!

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