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How to integrate Mailchimp in Notion

If you want a useful automation platform, then Mailchimp is for you. If you're here, then you may already know about Notion, the awesome no-code tool to organise yourself and to take notes.

If you want to integrate Mailchimp into Notion, then this guide is for you. Follow along to see what you need to do in order to embed Mailchimp into Notion.

How to integrate Mailchimp in Notion

Copy your Mailchimp campaign's link and paste it into Notion's Embed block. It's that easy!

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1. Select your campaign

Go to your Mailchimp Campaigns and select the icon with the arrow point down on the line with your favourite campaign. Then, click "Social Share".

integrate mailchimp in notion

Once you've clicked "Social Share", you'll see a new page with a few options to share your campaign.

The most common ways to share your campaign are via URL and via Twitter. For this guide, we're going to stick with the URL.

Speaking of Twitter, did you know that you can embed Tweets into Notion?

how to share mailchimp campaign

Copy the URL to your Mailchimp campaign, as we're later going to need it in Notion.

2. Make an Embed in Notion

Now you'll have to go to Notion and select the page where you want to integrate your Mailchimp campaign.

how to make embeds notion
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To make an embed block, type "/embed" or just "/" and scroll all the way down to the "Embed" block.

3. Add your Mailchimp campaign to Notion

Within the Embed block that you've previously made, you'll have to paste the link to the Mailchimp campaign.

mailchimp link into notion embed block

You're just one click away from the Mailchimp Notion integration. Simply click "Embed link" button in order to finalist the quest.

Once you've clicked the blue button, wait a few seconds for the embed to fully load. Lastly, your preview should look something like in the image below.

connect mailchimp to notion

Done! You've just embedded Mailchimp into Notion. It wasn't so hard, huh?

Connect Mailchimp to Notion in 30 seconds

We get that the guide above may be a little too detailed for those of you who don't have much time to spend on guides. That's why we've made a 30-second version of the guide. Let's see what you have to do in order to embed Mailchimp in Notion!

  1. Select your Mailchimp campaign
  2. Copy the campaign's URL
  3. Make a Notion Embed block
  4. Paste the Mailchimp URl into Notion

That's it! Four easy steps in just 30 seconds.

We really hope that you enjoyed reading this Mailchimp to Notion guide. If you want to see more Notion tutorials, give an eye to our library of free Notion guides. Thanks for being here!

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