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How to embed YouTube in Notion

YouTube has been around for a long while, and pretty much everybody on the internet heard about YouTube at least once.

Well, if you know about Notion, then you certainly know about YouTube. Whether you use YouTube to watch videos, podcasts, livestreams or whether you watch YouTube Music to listen to your favourite tunes, we've got some good news for you.

YouTube and YouTube Music can be connected to your Notion pages. Notion allows you to embed YouTube playlists, videos, livestreams and basically every video that goes up on Google's notorious platform.

Follow along to see what you have to do in order to add YouTube and YouTube Music to Notion. Believe us, the process is super easy, and it won't take longer than 3 simple steps!

We've named ourselves because we want to make things (just like this guide) as simple and easy as possible. Let's roll!

Why connect YouTube to Notion?

The best thing about embedding YouTube to Notion is that your users can listen to their favourite music inside your project.

For example, you can share your taste in music, or you can simply recommend your favourite band's music to people - all of this takes place within your Notion page!

You've got lots of choices, as you've got YouTube's whole database with millions of songs and videos to choose from.

How to add YouTube to Notion?

The process is really easy, as we've previously mentioned. Adding YouTube and YouTube Music to a Notion page won't take longer than 60 seconds.

There are 2 ways of doing this:

  1. Directly pasting the YouTube link into Notion
  2. Creating a YouTube embeddable link for your Notion page

The first method is easier, although don't worry, we'll go to both of your options and you'll get to pick your favourite one.

Option 1: Pasting the YouTube Link

With this method, uploading your YouTube video or playlist to Notion is really easy.

1. Copy the YouTube URL

First of all, you have to open a YouTube video or playlist and copy the URL from your browser's search bar.

Add YouTube To Notion

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2. Paste it in Notion

The just-copied YouTube link has to be pasted in Notion. Then, you'll see Notion automatically making a preview of your video(s).

Link YouTube to Notion

Notice that in some cases, due to a couple of bugs that are going to be fixed, your videos can't be displayed with their thumbnails.

That means that your videos won't show any image, but even though they say "Video unavailable", the video is actually working.

All your users have to do is click on the "Watch on YouTube" button, because currently, Notion can't display your videos in your pages in a sort of picture in picture mode.

Basically, you can link a youtube video to Notion, but your users will have to go to YouTube to play it.

That's it for option 1! It was pretty easy, wasn't it? Just some copy and paste work. Well, option 2 is pretty much the same.

Option 2: Embedding the YouTube Link in Notion

For the second method on how to embed YouTube videos and playlists to Notion, we have to copy some text, only this time, we have to copy a longer text, which is more reliable than the first method.

1. Make sure embedding is allowed

To make sure that a YouTube video or that a YouTube Music song/podcast is embeddable, you must see the "Share" button.

Basically, to embed a YouTube video, you must be sure that it is 100% public to the internet, and that it isn't set as private.

How to embed YT to Notion

Notice! If you want your own playlists to be embeddable in Notion, you have to be sure that "Allow embedding" is checked as doable from within your playlist's settings.

To get there, all you have to do is go to to your library of playlists. Then, you have to make sure that the playlist is set as "Public", and lastly, you have to allow embedding.

You don't have to do this with other YouTube channels' videos, as this rule applies only to your playlists and uploads.

2. Copy the embedding code

This is the last preparing step before we go to Notion, and what we have to do now is just copy the unique embedding code of the video(s) that we want to see in Notion.

Once you're on the video or playlist that you want, hit "Share" and select "Embed" - it should be the first option within that list.

What's left is just clicking the grey "COPY" button in the bottom right corner of the pop-up.

How to link YouTube in Notion

3. Add YouTube to Notion

To actually add your videos to Notion, this part is identical with the last step from the first method.

All you have to do is type "/embed" in Notion, or you can just type "/" and look for "Embed", hit enter and then paste the code that we've just copied at the previous step.

Lastly, what's left is just saving the block by clicking "Embed link". Then, your YouTube link will be added to your Notion page.

How To Embed YouTube Playlists To Notion

And that was the second method on how to add YouTube videos to Notion!

If you want to drag your block around, you should know that the YouTube Embed block acts just like any other block in Notion. You can move it around as much as you want to.

Can you add YouTube to a Notion page?

Yes, you can! Notion allows you to embed all sorts of YouTube videos, as long as you can copy and paste their embed code or the URL. Songs, albums, playlists, podcasts and so on!

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