How to disconnect Notion integrations

How to disconnect Notion integrations

Integrations are awesome, but at some point, you may want to remove one or more of these.

Don't worry, there is a way to do that, and it's really easy removing integrations.

Why remove Notion integrations?

Well, in most of the cases, people just want to shut down their pages, and so, they want to log out and remove all of their integrations and extras attached to their Notion page.

At the same time, you may just get bored or you may want to change your integration platform, and so, you have to remove the old one.

How to delete Notion integrations

1. Go to "Settings & Members"

In the bar on the left side of your page, you can see the "Settings & Members" section. Click on that button.

How to disconnect Notion integrations

2. Click "Integrations"

This is the section where we are going to see all of our integrated apps. They are all going to be listed down.

How to delete  Notion integrations

In our case, there's only one integration, and we're going to remove it.

3. Remove the integration

Upon clicking on the icon with the three dots, you should see three options:

  • Visit developer website
  • Contact support
  • Disconnect *integration's name*
Can you remove integrations in Notion

If you want to remove the integration, hit the last option that's coloured in red.

Now, your screen should look something like this:

How to remove Notion integrations

To successfully finish the job, hit the red "Disconnect" button.

That was it! Now you've fully removed your Notion integration app.

Can you remove Notion integrations?

Yes, you can easily remove them. You just have to go to the "Integrations" settings, hit the three dot icon and select to remove the integration. Notion thought that you may want to remove integration apps from your workspace, and so, they made it easy for you to do that.

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