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How to embed Soundcloud to Notion

If you always wanted to add your favourite Soundcloud music to Notion, let us tell you that you can easily do that!

Linking your Soundcloud to Notion shouldn't take longer than 1 minute, as the process is really easy. This is just a copy and paste job.

Why connect SoundCloud to Notion?

When you embed Soundcloud onto Notion, your page visitors will get to see all of your awesome music in one handy place. They can listen to it while reading your content!

For instance, you can share your taste in music, or perhaps even recommend specific artists to readers - all of this takes place in your Notion page!

At the same time, you can use Soundcloud as a music player on your Notion page, instead of uploading different sound effects.

How to add SoundCloud to Notion?

Well, there are two ways to do this:

  • Copy & pasting the URL
  • Copy & pasting the embedding link

Both of them work just fine. Whichever method you like, we've got you covered with both, as we're explaining them in this guide.

Connecting your Soundcloud music to Notion is really easy. You can link anybody's songs as long as they're sharable.

If you make music, you can definitely embed your Soundcloud to Notion so that more people would see what you do.

Method 1: URL

The first method is really simple. All you have to do is just copy and paste your Soundcloud page's link.

Though, let's get to explaining this properly, with images!

For this lesson, we're going to work with the link of a song, just an example. Though, you can add any Soundcloud link in Notion.

1. Open Soundcloud

Go to any Soundcloud page that you want. It can be a song, an album, an artist, a playlist or whatever. The process is the same for any of these.

Once you've reached the Soundcloud page that you want to be visible within Notion, go ahead and copy it's URL (the link in the search bar).

How to link Soundcloud to Notion

2. Paste the Soundcloud link

The link that we've just copied at the first step has to be pasted in Notion, in whichever side of your page. Place it where you like most!

Add Soundcloud Music to Notion

Once you've pasted the link, make sure to select either "Create bookmark" or "Create embed".

For the nicer version with the cover image of the song being visible, we're going to select "Create embed".

Once you've selected "Create embed", your page will look something like the image below.

Can you embed Soundcloud in Notion?

That was it. You now have your Soundcloud page beautifully linked into Notion! It was this easy doing that.

Made a mistake while embedding Soundcloud into Notion? Our guide on how to undo in Notion will teach you how to solve that situation easily.

Method 2: Embedding link

For the second method, we're going to do just a tiny bit more work than at the previous step. Though, don't worry! it's really easy to do this too.

Again, we're going to make an example of how to link a Soundcloud song to Notion.

1. Open Soundcloud

As soon as you're in Soundcloud, find your preferred track, album or playlist.

Then, hit the "Share" button next to the song that you want to add in Notion.

Once you see this pop-up, go to the "Embed" section and copy the long text in the "Code" section.

Link Soundcloud music to Notion

There you can customise a few settings for your own taste. For example, you can see that you can choose your own colour for the pop-up that'll be visible in Notion.

We chose to leave the embedded pop-up default, but you can make yours as you wish!

2. Make an embedding block

The second step is the one where we're building the block which will show the music.

First of all, we need to make an embedding block. You can create this block by typing "/embed" or just by typing "/" and scrolling all the way down to "Embed".

How to add Soundcloud to Notion

And this leads us to the third step, we're actually going to...

3. Link your Soundcloud to Notion

Now that we have the embeddable block, all we have to do is just paste the code that we've copied at the first step.

Upon saving the settings in the "Embed" block, you'll see the block with your Soundcloud song just like in the image below. How cool is that?

How to link Soundcloud to Notion

Now you can see the pop-up with the name, the cover and the play/pause function of our song.

If you're confused about the pop-up being fully black, don't worry.

Your song will have its cover picture in the pop-up, and this time we have a black cover because Kanye West chose this black cover for his album.

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Can you add SoundCloud playlists to a Notion page?

Yes, you can! Notion allows you to embed any Soundcloud link. it's not just audio files, but any Soundcloud page.

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