Client Managing Notion Freelancer Template

Client Managing Notion Freelancer Template

Never lose track of your clients and their projects again. Using this Notion client managing template, you're going to easily manage all of your projects.
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How to use the client managing template

How to use the client managing template

1. Get the template

In order to get this template, click on one of the two buttons at the top of this post.

2. Copy the page to your library

To do that, hit the "Duplicate" button at the top of the template's page within Notion.

3. Manage your clients

Now that you have the template, feel free to add all of your clients there.

About the client managing template

The client managing template is one of the other templates made specifically for freelancers - see all of them within our Notion Freelancer Pack.

The purpose of this Notion client managing template is to make sure that you properly manage all of your jobs.

Within the client managing Notion template, you'll have to arrange all of your clients, jobs, requirements and so on. It's a list of all your jobs in just one place.

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Detail your job

Your should first add details about your job. Looking at the Notion client managing template, you can see how the first columns are all tied to the client's name, to the job's type and to the pricing. These basic details added in columns are what make it easier understanding client managing.

Is it a hard job?

Next up, decide whether what you have to work on can be considered a hard job or not. There's the "Requirements" section where you can add the most specific details given by your customer, and then you can rate where your job will be an easy, medium or a hard level job.

Finished the job? Awesome!

The last two columns within our Notion client managing template are tied to the date when you have to finish the project, as well as to the finished/going check. Once you're finished with the client's job, check the job off the list in order to focus on the other tasks that you still have to finish!

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