Notion Email Follow-Up Template For Freelancers

Notion Email Follow-Up Template For Freelancers

Notion can help you get lots of things done. We've managed to make an email follow-up template in Notion for you, freelancers. No need to worry about constantly composing follow-up emails anymore!
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How to use the follow-up template in Notion

How to use the follow-up template in Notion

1. Go to the template

Before we do any changes, we have to actually go to the page with the template.

2. Duplicate the page

This template has to be copied. To do that, the the "Duplicate" button in the top-right corner.

3. Give it your touch

Now that you have your copy/copies of the page, feel free to edit them!

Build a follow-up message with ease

In the process of building this Notion follow-up template for freelancers, we did our best to make it as simple as possible.

This is a sort of note where you can add all of your thoughts when it comes to follow-up messages.

Notion Email Follow-Up Template Guide

Greet your customers

Before we can actually jump into the follow-up message itself, we first have to deal with saluting the customer. Make sure that you never mistake your customer's name, as addressing the right person is what you're looking for. Looking at our example, you can see how we added "Hi, *client's name*. You can use this, or any other greeting - at the end of the day, it's your message!

Write a kind message

The second step is related to writing the message that we're really going to send to the customers. We always recommend that these messages sound really formal. Why? So that you can inspire trust and assurance to the customer. We all love the feeling when we know that our situation is handled by professionals. At the same time, keep in mind that the message should be friendly, as this is a follow-up message where you're reaching again to the customer.

Add a little conclusion

Lastly, while it's not much, you should also add a footer at the end of the message. We recommend either adding just a "thank you" sort of note, or just adding you or your company's contact details: an email, a phone number, an address - anything is useful.

Frequently asked questions

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Why is this for free?
It's very simple. We're offering a Notion website builder.

Therefore, our strategy is pretty simple: we give out a lot more useful stuff for free to people than others do → people get to know about us. Some people will become paying customers, while others will become friends.

That's it. That's our philosophy.
Is it worth getting this? Why would I?
Hey, honestly? There are two ways to look at it:

1. The free version is very generous, so it costs nothing to try
2. We've spent hundreds of hours, so that you won't have to spend 10 hours writing these. Plus, imagine how much time we've saved the world: if 1,000 people download this, that's 10,000 hours saved (versus the 100+ we've spent).

Besides, it's in our interest to make this better. Got some feedback? We're happy to hear it.
How do I get this?
Go to the top of the page → click the coloured button. You'll be able to get download what we've presented on this page!
Are there going to be updates?
There sure are! And if you want to be updated, just get this (at least the generous freebie version), and you'll receive emails about upgrades we make to these.

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