Notion Proposal Template For Freelancers

Notion Proposal Template For Freelancers

Notion has lots of awesome uses, but out of all, did you know that you can use Notion for proposals? At, we made this possibe with the help of a template that's really easy to use.
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How to use the proposal template in Notion

How to use the proposal template in Notion

1. Get this template

First things first, be sure to get the template. Upon clicking the buttons at the top of the page, you're going to get access to either this template or to the Notion pack for freelancers. Make your choice!

2. Duplicate the template

Now you have to duplicate the Proposal Template. Not sure how to duplicate in Notion? We've got a guide for that.

3. Make the proposal

The last thing you have to do is insert the details of your proposal. That's it!

Create proposal templates, stress-free

When building this proposal template in Notion, our main goal was making it as professional and as easy to use as possible. We believe that this template can be used by both Notion beginners and experts, because all you have to do in order to edit it is just type words that describe you best.

As for the looks of the proposal, you can see how it is pretty simple (just like our name) - we wanted it to be minimalistic so that it'd focus on its content, rather than on its looks. At the end of the day, what you write inside of it is more important than the way in which it looks.

Notion Proposal Template Guide

Introduce yourself

Within the very first lines of text in this proposal template, you can see that it is recommended to write something about you. Starting with you, your situation and your goal, there's quite a lot of stuff that need to describe you.

Talk about your motivation

In the middle to the lower sides of the page, you can see the sections where you have to talk bout your motivation and for why you think that you're the person the company is looking for. Think hard about why you want to get a job there, and make sure that you type exactly that in Notion.

Remember about the footer

Lastly, below the table we can see the footer. This template presents a sort of "Contact Us" section. Our recommendation is adding your preferred contact methods. Therefore, a name, an email, a phone number and the company's name should be enough details for people to contact you and ask their questions.

Frequently asked questions

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Why is this for free?
It's very simple. We're offering a Notion website builder.

Therefore, our strategy is pretty simple: we give out a lot more useful stuff for free to people than others do → people get to know about us. Some people will become paying customers, while others will become friends.

That's it. That's our philosophy.
Is it worth getting this? Why would I?
Hey, honestly? There are two ways to look at it:

1. The free version is very generous, so it costs nothing to try
2. We've spent hundreds of hours, so that you won't have to spend 10 hours writing these. Plus, imagine how much time we've saved the world: if 1,000 people download this, that's 10,000 hours saved (versus the 100+ we've spent).

Besides, it's in our interest to make this better. Got some feedback? We're happy to hear it.
How do I get this?
Go to the top of the page → click the coloured button. You'll be able to get download what we've presented on this page!
Are there going to be updates?
There sure are! And if you want to be updated, just get this (at least the generous freebie version), and you'll receive emails about upgrades we make to these.

We promise not to spam you — as another FAQ above suggests, we like to keep a tidy relationship.