Freelancer Prospecting Checklist Template in Notion

Freelancer Prospecting Checklist Template in Notion

Using's freelancer prospecting checklist template in Notion, you'll always easily check whether you've maximized the potential of each proposal or prospecting attempt.
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How to use the freelancing prospecting checklist template in Notion

How to use the freelancing prospecting checklist template in Notion

1. Go to the template

The first step is going to the Freelancer Prospecting Checklist template page in Notion.

2. Duplicate the page

In order to duplicate the page, hit the "Duplicate" button in the top-right corner of the page.

3. Modify the page

Now you can update the page to your preferences. That's it!

Prospecting checklists, made easy

As said before, the purpose of this freelancer prospecting checklist in Notion is to make sure that you show the prospect who you are, what you're doing and to make sure that you tell them that in a friendly, yet a formal tone.

When building this prospect checklist template in Notion, we wanted to make really easy to use. Therefore, we've added this informative text which suggests what you write in each section of the checklist. If you're following our steps and you're writing sincerely, then we guarantee that you'll make an awesome prospecting checklist!

Make & follow a structure

As previously mentioned, you can see how we've added a sort "guidance text" that teaches you what you should write in each section - that doesn't mean that you have to follow our structure, as you can totally make your own structure. We're always suggesting to follow a pattern so that your Notion prospecting checklist will be easy to follow by each new reader.

Be straight to the point

You should talk a bit about yourself, but at the same time, remember to go straight to the point so that the reader would be intrigued in your work. Keep in mind that your message's purpose is to not waste the reader's time and to show your potential. Bringing documents usually adds value to the prospect checklists. At the same time, sound friendly, yet formal - you want to show people who you really are and what you're worth.

Prepare a follow-up

This is a sort of worst-case scenario: when you don't really get a reply. For whatever the reason, prospects sometimes forget to, or they just can't reply - remember that they're also humans. We've got this follow-up template that you can use for your next attempts of reaching out to the prospect. Our suggestion is to make use of the follow-up template in case you don't get a reply from the client within at least five business days. This way, you won't look spammy, nor like a quitter.

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