Freelancing Non-Disclosure Agreement Notion Template (NDA)

Freelancing Non-Disclosure Agreement Notion Template (NDA)

Having sensitive data that you don't want everybody to see? Build up a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in the most popular no-code tool, Notion. With our NDA Notion template for freelancers, you're going to be sure that all of your data is safe.
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How to use the project tracker Notion template

How to use the project tracker Notion template

1. Get our template

Before you start making your page, be sure to go to the Notion page template by clicking one of the two buttons above.

2. Make a copy of it

In order to duplicate a page in Notion, be sure to hit the "Duplicate" button in the top-right corner of the template's page.

3. Edit the NDA template

Once you've duplicated the page, you can 100% edit the NDA template and easily use it. Hey, it's all yours now!

How to use the NDA template

Once you've duplicated the NDA Freelancer Notion template, all you have to do is pretty much just edit it. You can add or remove text from our template.

We truly suggest reading the whole NDA template from the top to the bottom before making any changes.

This way, you'll know whether you're missing anything or if the Non-Disclosure Agreement Notion Template has all your needs.

Notion Non-Disclosure Agreement Template Guide

Clarify the two parties

Within the very first lines of text in the Notion NDA template, you can notice how you have to define what's the "Agreement", who's the "Disclosing Party" and who's the "Receiving Party". Why? so that there won't be any mistakes in the upcoming future of this NDA. The key to a successful NDA is being sure that you define who discloses, who receives and what the agreement says about all of that.

Fill in the NDA's information

Leaving the introduction aside, the upcoming fields require information about all sorts of stuff: defining the confidential info, exclusions from that, obligations, time periods, relationships and many other sections. At first, you may think that this is all just boring and meaningless information, but keep in mind that in the future, you have to stick by these words. Pay the most attention when building your own Non-Disclosure Agreement Notion template.

Get everybody's signature

By the end of the Freelancer Non-Disclosure Agreement Notion template, make sure that you've got everybody's signature: the disclosing and the receiving parties' signatures. Once everybody signed and added the same date within the bottom side of your NDA Notion template, you've successfully finished the NDA.

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