Service Level Agreement Freelancer Template in Notion

Service Level Agreement Freelancer Template in Notion

Not sure how to make a contract for a service level agreement? Our Notion template will help you get the job done as quick as 1-2-3.
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How to use the service level agreement freelancer template in Notion

How to use the service level agreement freelancer template in Notion

1. Open the template

First things first, you'll have to get to the page with the template.

2. Duplicate it

Hit the "Duplicate" button in the top-right corner of the page. Then, wait a bit for the new page to load.

3. Edit the contract

Now that the page loaded, it is 100% yours and you can edit it to your preferences. Since it is your template, you can add or remove anything from our initial template.

Remember about formality

We have to keep in mind that these service level agreements have to be written formally, as they're pretty much official documents that state who work's working and why they do that.

As you can see, this template is pretty simple, as it contains just a few headings and paragraphs. Editing them is really easy, hence why we chose to make them in Notion.

If you found any mistake, don't worry. You can easily update the service level agreement template just by going back to your Notion page and selecting the wrong text, then spelling it correctly.

Notion Service Level Agreement Template Guide

Make clear who's who

First things first, you need to define when and who did the contract, and to whom it addresses. Why? So that you'll be sure that there is no issue or any sort of misunderstanding in the middle of this contract. This way, you'll clarify who is the recipient and who is the provider. Adding the date of the contract is also a lethal detail, because this is going to affect the payment-related stuff that's said next in the template.

Bulletproof each aspect

What you're looking for is a detailed service level agreement that defines who agrees to work for who, and who pays who. Consider talking about each legal aspect so you'll be sure that there is no gap in the contract. Take the template as an example, as we spoke about the following: service description, payment, term, default, remedies, force majeure, dispute resolution, entire agreement and many other sections. Scrolling down to the bottom of the template, you'll see 16 different subjects that are explained in a detailed manner.

Provider, recipient and date

One last time at the bottom side of the service level agreement Notion template for freelancers, you can see the following: the provider, the recipient, the date, and blank spaces where they should sign. While you can remove this section, we suggest leaving it there and completing it once you have to use the contract, as this lets people know who provides and who signs up, yet again. Communication is key - this is the reason why we repeat the provider and the recipient multiple times.

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