Notion Financial Goals Template For Freelancers

Notion Financial Goals Template For Freelancers

At some point, everyone has financial goals, and the most important part is fulfilling them. To make sure you'll never miss your financial goals, have a look at this Notion template that's made not only for freelancers, but for everyone else.
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How to use the financial goals Notion template for freelancers

How to use the financial goals Notion template for freelancers

1. Get the template

To get the template, click on one of the two buttons at the top of this post.

2. Make a duplicate page

In order to duplicate the financial goals template, you have to hit the "Duplicate" button in the top-right corner of the template's page.

3. List your goals

Lastly, you just have to add all of your goals. Think hard of your financial goals, and then  drop them into the list.

About the financial goal template

Everybody has goals when it comes to money, and the most important part is actually reaching them.

By using this Notion templates for financial goals, you're going to simply list all of your goals and mark them as done as soon as they're reached.

You can customise your list of financial goals with all sorts of categories, notes, dates and so on.

Notion Financial Goals Template Guide

Title & categories your goals

The first step in making your financial goals list implies making columns where you add the titles of your goals and where you categories these. Are they monthly goals? Are they weekly or yearly goals? This is pretty much the fun part, as here you have to decide what sorts of financial goals you have.

Goal reached?

Hopefully you'll get to all of your goals done. When that happens, you can check them off - that's basically marking them as completed. To do that, simply click on the "Done" tick box on each line of reached goals. For the goals that are not yet reached, we suggest leaving the tick boxes empty until you're reaching the goals.

Dates & Comments

All goals must have a date, right? For example, say "By the end of December, I want to reach this goal". In the right side of the table, you can see the "Date" section - there you can add the due date of the goal. That's going to be the latest moment when you want to reach the goal. Aside from the date, there's also the "Comments" section which is related to adding notes on the goal.

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