Notion New Client Survey Template For Freelancers

Notion New Client Survey Template For Freelancers

Having a new client, but missing a survey? With our Notion new client survey template for freelancers, we've got you covered. All questions, one place.
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How to use the new client survey template

How to use the new client survey template

1. Open the template

First things first, open the New Client Survey Template in Notion.

2. Make a copy of it

This copy is where you're going to actually start a new survey (aside from the template). Click on "Duplicate" to copy it.

3. Edit it

Now's the time when you can actually start editing the survey.

Make surveys without stress

Building a new client survey in Notion is really easy. In fact, we chose to make this template in Notion because this tool is really easy to use. As previously mentioned, if you have anything you want to add, that's really simple - just click and start typing.

The same goes even for removing something - select, press delete, and there you go.

Notion New Client Survey Template Guide

Select question categories

Before beginning to write the questions, we recommend that you think a bit of the questions: how will they be categorised? For instance, in our freelancer new client survey template, we've added a few categories of questions related to more subjects: company focus, brand and values and project questions. Feel free to use our questions, if they fir what you're looking for!

Give it an airy look

By "an airy look", we are talking about how you structure the questions. Try and not make the questions too long where it isn't the case for long questions, as you want the reader to fully understand the question, and hence to give a precise answer.

Got any notes?

If you have any other notes that you want people to see, you can easily add them at the end of the survey. Since we built the new client survey template in Notion, it's really easy to add and to remove anything from the project. To add notes, go to the lowest side of the page and start typing your notes.

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