Notion Presentation Template For Freelancers

Notion Presentation Template For Freelancers

Create beautiful presentations with the most popular no-code tool. Using our Notion presentation tempalte for freelancers will help you build better (and easier) shows than ever before.
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How to use the Notion presentation template

How to use the Notion presentation template

1. Get the template

Click either of the buttons at the top of the page.

2. Duplicate the page

Hit "Duplicate" so as to copy the page.

3. Present

Build as many presentations as you need!

Our Notion presentation template

The purpose of this Notion template for presentations is building shows easily and fast, using your favourite no-code tool.

To build a presentation with our template, you have to use the template just like any other page in Notion, which is pretty easy.

Why use this template? Because we've arranged everything within the page to give it the looks and the vibes of a classic presentation. Only now it's in Notion.

Want to check our more templates like this? Have a look at our Notion Freelancer Pack for more templates that are made specifically for freelancers.

Notion Presentation Template Tutorial

Text and image placement

Upon scrolling a bit down the Notion presentation template, you can see this sort of rule we used: one bit of information goes on the left side , and its image goes on the right side, and the next information goes on the right with the image on the left. You can make this pretty much an endless loop - of course, you'll do this according to how much info you have to share.

Use suggestive images

Generally, the key to building successful presentations is using helpful and suggestive images. You don't want to have a presentation about cars and to show images containing something that's unrelated to cars. Remember to always use high-quality images that are perfectly visible on any screen. With Notion's help, you can upload images from your own device, from over the internet, or from Unsplash (where you can find many free, suggestive and high-quality images).

Videos? Link at the bottom

Have any videos you want to show within the presentation? Link them at the bottom of the page. If you're not sure how to do that, then let us help, because we have a YouTube to Notion guide. If that's not what you're looking for, then have a look at our Notion embedding guide. If you don't have any video, that's completely fine, as we suggest adding just a sort of "conclusive" image where you thank everyone for looking at your presentation.

Frequently asked questions

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Why is this for free?
It's very simple. We're offering a Notion website builder.

Therefore, our strategy is pretty simple: we give out a lot more useful stuff for free to people than others do → people get to know about us. Some people will become paying customers, while others will become friends.

That's it. That's our philosophy.
Is it worth getting this? Why would I?
Hey, honestly? There are two ways to look at it:

1. The free version is very generous, so it costs nothing to try
2. We've spent hundreds of hours, so that you won't have to spend 10 hours writing these. Plus, imagine how much time we've saved the world: if 1,000 people download this, that's 10,000 hours saved (versus the 100+ we've spent).

Besides, it's in our interest to make this better. Got some feedback? We're happy to hear it.
How do I get this?
Go to the top of the page → click the coloured button. You'll be able to get download what we've presented on this page!
Are there going to be updates?
There sure are! And if you want to be updated, just get this (at least the generous freebie version), and you'll receive emails about upgrades we make to these.

We promise not to spam you — as another FAQ above suggests, we like to keep a tidy relationship.