Notion Final Files Collection Template For Freelancers

Notion Final Files Collection Template For Freelancers

Create the ultimate archive of files within your favourite no-code tool. With the help of our Notion final files collection template for freelancers, you're going to have all of your useful files in one place.
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How to use the files collection template

How to use the files collection template

1. Get the template

Hit one of the two buttons at the top of this page.

2. Duplicate the page

To do that, click the "Duplicate" button.

3. Bring the files

Now you can freely start your archive with the awesome files.

Our Notion project timeline template

While we built this Notion project timeline template, there was one mission: making sure that you won't forget any task or any other important detail within your project.

Using our project timeline template in Notion will help you organise yourself and your team's tasks.

Once you get the template, you can add all of your to-dos, you can categorise them, describe them, assign them and more.

If you want to see more templates just like this one, check out our Notion Freelancer Pack where we've made lots of Notion templates for freelancers.

Notion Final Files Collection Template Tutorial

Categorise the files

Within the template, you can see how we've categories the files. There you can notice the "Final files", the "Agreements" and the "Extra files". These are just mocks, so once you have the Notion final files collection template, feel free to change the categories as you wish.

Embed the files

Now's the time when you actually embed the files. You have many options: upload from your device, from Figma, add images, embed PDFs and so on. You can even connect platforms such as Google Drive or Invision. Check out our guide on how to embed anything in Notion if you're not finding your preferred option in Notion's list of embeddable items.

Invite collaborators

If you want to work with your teammates on this ultimate Notion final files collection template, you can invite them by clicking the "Share" button. There you can type their name or their email address and you have the option to invite them as collaborators in your project.

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